Rights in Bankruptcy

When an individual or family files for bankruptcy, they receive a number of legal protections that can make all the difference in paving the way for a successful, financial recovery. Of especial value is the automatic stay—a court injunction that prohibits creditors from contacting or taking legal action against a debtor or debtors. Once an automatic stay has been granted, creditors are no longer entitled to freeze a person’s bank account or retain a portion of a person’s wages in the form of wage garnishments. Moreover, utility companies are prevented from disconnecting services for at least twenty days after the stay has been granted. What’s more, all foreclosure and repossession proceedings must cease for the duration of the bankruptcy process, or until a creditor successfully petitions the court for a relief from stay. One’s best option to prevent a creditor from gaining a relief from stay (which in effect allows a creditor to seize a property or to continue with a foreclosure action) is to retain shrewd, legal counsel.

Our New York Bankruptcy Attorneys Fight for Your Rights

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Remember, “bankruptcy is not the end it’s a new beginning.”